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Philip Ruddock at RCGW


      You would have to say that Philip Ruddock did RCGW proud. He was just off a plane from Washington DC. Nevertheless he had made a commitment and he was going to honour it!
 Philip-Ruddock 0022a   As the 'father of the House of Reps' Philip Ruddock has served under every PM since Whitlam and has met every PM since Menzies.
 Philip-Ruddock 0037a   The brief, which our 'speaker-seeker' gave him was to speak on '40 years on Capital Hill'. Mr Ruddock spoke for some three quarters of an hour and gave us the kind of insights into politics which the press never get near.
 Philip-Ruddock 0006a  

At the end he answered questions from the floor. He got some curly ones but answered them with consummate ease. 

It was a brilliant night and a brilliant talk, which the large number of attendees will not forget.


One thing about the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley! We get some fabulous speakers!