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Some Interesting Speakers of the Recent Past


 Athol Guy of 'The Seekers' was a smash hit with members. He told us of those heady days of 'Swinging London' in the 1960s; the ups and downs of fame and the experience of playing at those big, big gigs.



Anna Burke, Speaker of the House of Representatives under the previous government. As Rotary is extremely non-political, Anna told us of all some of the background stories from Parliament House.


MPs work astonishingly long hours; need to be extremely thick skinned and, more than anything, need to be dedicated to the job.



Dr Andi Diamond is the CEO of Monash Council. SHe shared with us the slings and arrows of running a suburb bigger than most country towns.

No one ever wants to pay rates but they do want all the myriad of services that a local council provides. The tough part is how you strike the balance!

Inevitibly, there were lots of questions on local concerns, for some reason focussing on that big new car park by Glen Waverley station.


Tony Monley is the District Governor of the Rotary District to which RCGW belongs. He addressed the club on how he became a Rotarian. He felt he had the 'community involvement' gene; as a single person he could achieve little; by joining a Rotary Club he could satisfy his inate wish for community involvement.



Kylie McMillan is a member of the Rotary Club of Hampton. She took part last year in a Rotary 'Group Study Exchange' (GSE) to Malaysia.

As a graphic artist she was able to 'look over the shoulder' of what people in similar professions do in other countries. 'They have some very different approaches to us; I learned a lot'.

A separate GSE team visited Indiana, USA, whilst a team from Indiana visited Melbourne.

Niklas Hölterhoff from Stuttgart, Germany was RCGW's 'Rotary Youth Exchange' visitor from Germany. This scheme allows students aged 15 - 18 to spend a year in a foreign country. They attend school; they live a different life and gain a different perspective. Unforunately during this time Niklas was nobbled into supporting Hawthorn and became a scarf-wearing devotee. Oh well, no scheme is perfect!