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Jeff Kennett at RCGW: Beyond Blue

Jeff Kennett was one of the most interesting speakers ever to grace the Rotary Club of Glen Waverley. His presentation was entirely on the subject of Beyond Blue. As this was a Rotary talk, any party politics was totally verboten. As it turns out Mr Kennett is now in a totally different world anyway.

The achievements of Beyond Blue are documented elsewhere and do not need to be repeated here.


It was fascinating to speak to Mr Kennet and ask  him 'how did you get the idea'? It came from his daughter. She had just attended the funerals of a friend who had died as a result of depression. 'Can't you do something?' she asked. 'Yes' he said and Beyond Blue was born.

It was Mr Kennett who perfected the concept of Beyond Blue, produced the action plan to launch it and was able to access the finance to set it up and run it. By any standards this is an achievement of considerable scale.

The photo on the right is of Mr Kennett with Club President, Camille Rogers.