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  Rotary International Convention, Sydney

Each year, Rotary International puts on its worldwide convention. These have been held in places as disparate as Bankok, Birmingham and Brisbane but in 2014 it was Sydney's turn. These, typically cater for some 35,000 from all over the world. The purpose is threefold:-

  • acquaintanceship and friendship,
  • to learn about Rotary projects world wide
  • to gain ideas about new projects for their own clubs
As well as the presentations on Rotary projects and developments, the organisers hired Sydney Opera House for an evening for a music concert. Even with Rotary connections tickets were hard to get!  

Someone had a great idea. If all of the flags of countries, in which Rotary is represented, were stood next to each other then they would stretch from one end of the harbour bridge to the other.

Astoninshingly, this proved to be correct!


Considering that Rotary started in 1904 with four men in a room in Chicago, this is a tribute to the idea and the values that they came up with.


Those Rotarians returning from the conference all raved about one particular act: Human Nature!