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 Rotary Annual District Conferences

Each autumn, Rotary Clubs pack up for a week and go on conference. The objective of Rotary Conferences is threefold:-

i) to learn about what is happening in the wider Rotary world (which is quite a lot),

ii) to listen to and meet some seriously interesting speakers,

iii) the social side. In Rotary there is always the social side!


Peter Hitchener, a good friend of Rotary addresses the Geelong Conference




Very often Rotarians are joined by people, who are in the public eye. They give us their view of the world. Geoge also gave us some great recipes!


George Carombaris at the Melbourne Docklands Conference


Sometimes our speakers give a view of the wider world and where it is going (or, indeed, not going)


Terry McCrann discusses the world in general with a Rotarian at the Geelong conference


Recent conferences have taken Rotarians on road-trips to Geelong, Adelaide, Hobart, Wangaratta, Bendigo and Ballarat.


This is the amazing Jonathan at the Wangaratta conference, who showed us that the impossible is possible

...and made us fall about laughing as he did so.


On top of all of this, there is a strong social element, with a bike ride to conference for the energetic; a golf competition and a cruise to conference. which follows all the really good pubs and hotels to the conference venue.


A Glen Waverly Rotarian drives off at the Bendigo Conference: note the textbook swing!




These Rotary Youth Exchange Students have just ridden their bikes from Melbourne to Bendigo via goodness knows where.


You cannot buy that look of achievement!


Bike riders at the Bendigo Conference